General Contracting

CDF Engineering, LLC is a design-build engineering firm, which means we are able to fast track the construction process for our clients by both designing and building our projects.  Through these techniques we are able to work efficiently and cost-effectively by eliminating the confusion and communication that comes with dealing with multiple parties.

CDF Engineering, LLC has experience working on projects that range from major Megawatt Solar Fields to minor residential construction.  Whatever your needs are, we guarantee that you will receive cost effective, quality work from our construction team.  Our construction management team is able to work together on-site to meet all deadlines, minimize the expenses, and complete our projects in a timely manner.

Our project engineers handle individual projects every step of the way.  They handle initial permitting, site history and preparation, site design and final building and/or installation.  Through our years of building experience on Maui we are also able to meet concrete, electrical and other utility needs for a price that fits your budget.