CDF Engineering LLC (CDF) provides the following services their clients:

  • Professional Engineering and Consultation Services
  • Land Surveying
  • Design
  • Research
  • Landscape Architecture

In our consulting role for various engineering projects, we compile construction plans, complete the necessary permit applications, and serve as the point of contact with appropriate authorizing agencies for permit navigation and approval.

CDF produces outstanding customer experiences and generates frequent referrals along with consistent business growth among private clients. CDF strives to provide creative and flexible solutions to the issues faced by our customers.

Our goal is to enhance, enrich, and contribute to communities by providing creative and efficient civil engineering solutions. CDF should be the first company people think of when they have ANY general consultant, engineering, or environmental issue requiring professional guidance.

Our company is a collection of smart, balanced, and innovative people who care deeply about their community and are committed to working tirelessly towards improving it.

Our varied work experience includes over 50 combined years of construction experience, management of multiple engineering projects on and off Maui, environmental compliance inspections, water quality monitoring, and land surveying and road construction within the European Union.

We believe that our eclectic experiences have provided CDF with a unique ability to evaluate potential projects from multiple perspectives and provide the best solution.